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Luxxor Campus Shuttles

Trusted Construction, Campus & Employee Shuttle Services

At Luxxor Campus Shuttles, we’re your trusted partner in providing quality construction transportation services, university transit services, and employee shuttle services across the country. Our team offers customizable shuttle services to large employers, gigafactory development sites, municipalities, and universities, prioritizing flexibility, safety, and reliability to meet your needs.

Reduce Budget, Improve Safety & Increase Efficiency

Whether you’re a contractor who needs to transport construction workers around a sprawling gigafactory development site or an employer who needs to cover the last mile of your workers’ commute, Luxxor Campus Shuttles offers customizable employee shuttle services. We focus on safety, efficiency, and – most importantly – cost savings when it comes to moving tradesmen quickly from point to point. We also perform project analysis and feasibility studies. Reach out today to request a quote.

About Luxxor Campus Shuttles

At Luxxor Campus Shuttles (LCS), we know time, money, and safety are top values for each client we serve. We also know that each company and university’s transportation issues are unique. That’s why our team is ready to work with you to provide custom transportation services that fit your needs.

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, we’re no stranger to working with large national developers, general contractors, and employers across the U.S., with the ability to scale our services as needed. We deploy and maintain top equipment and employ drivers you can trust, bringing a consistent, white-glove solution for every client.

When you work with LCS, you know you’re getting transportation that you can trust. Call us today to start the conversation about how we can serve you.

Flexible, Dependable University Transit Service

If you’re a university in need of an intercampus shuttle, we’ll work with you to fill in your transit service gaps and provide reliable transportation that fits your requirements and budget.

Our Shuttle Bus Fleet

We employ only qualified drivers and use clean, convenient buses to transport our clients. Learn more about our fleet and how we can serve you.

Let us Move Your People!